Compañía Leasing Tattersall

Europcar Tattersall: Vehicle rental for individuals and companies, rent a car, operational leasing and renting. Autotattersall: Sale of used cars.

Tattersall Maquinarias

Sale, rental of industrial and heavy machinery and trucks, representatives of leading brands worldwide, service and after sales.

Tattersall Automotriz

Distribution and sale of light vehicles and motorcycles.

Maco Tattersall

Representation and sale of heavy and medium trucks of important brands.

Tattersall Gestión de Activos

Auctions and tenders of movable and immovable property. Administration and rental of properties.


Automotive maintenance services for light vehicles and sale of spare parts.

Tattersall Ganado

Cattle brokerage through fairs, direct sales and online auctions, genetic center. Live cattle exports.

Tattersall Agroinsumos

Sale and distribution of agricultural inputs, specialty products, machinery, hardware for the field, seeds, fertilizers and phytosanitary.

Agrícola y Ganadera Tattersall

Breeding and fattening of cattle and administration of cattle fields.

Agroriego Tattersall

Terminated drip irrigation solutions and pivots.


Water management and water quality.

Tattersall Warrants

Warranty certification service on merchandise and inventory control.


Prompt payment financial services, automotive financing, product exchange and private investment funds.

Tattersall Multimaq

Tattersall Multimaq, new official representative of LiuGong in Chile.

LiuGong is one of the most important machinery manufacturing companies of Chinese origin worldwide.